Ron Schrama

A little bit about me

Hi, my name is Ron. I'm a Dutch Full-stack Javascript Developer who recently finished his Bootcamp at </salt>. I recently made the switch from being a UX/UI designer to be a developer. Well, not entirely. I think all the skills I learned are still very valuable even as a developer. And It would be my dream to find a job where I can add value to both my backgrounds.

I started as a UX designer as I'm always curious about why and how things are build and work. That curiosity hasn't faded. But I also got interested in how the things I designed got build, and if you take a good look at how the discipline of design evolves, you quickly see that design and development keep growing toward each other. A combination of these and other factors made me jump ship. I came across a great opportunity to get my feet wet in the development world at </salt> and decided to give it a chance.

Right now I'm ready to start this new adventure. My first steps are rebuilding my portfolio. This space used to be a portfolio focused on UX/UI design, but right now I'm transforming it into something new. I start small and easy with blogging about how I find my way in this new career path and plan to build it out into more. Into what I don't know yet, a digital playground, my only archives, it can be anything. Because the best way to keep developing yourself and learn new skills is by playing around and building cool stuff.


Ron riding his bike

I think it is important to have a second passion in addition to my work. I found my passion in cycling. Cycling gives me a sense of freedom and peace of mind. It is a great way to discover your surroundings. It helps me to push my limits, get a breath of fresh air, and gives me inspiration or a way to clear my head at the same time.

As I said, For me, the bike is a great way to discover my surroundings, but it doesn’t end there for me. Living in the always flat Netherlands made me quickly long for the mountains, that's why I try to book a trip to a beautiful mountain area every year. My ultimate trip was a road trip through parts of Southern Europe. I threw my bike in the back of the car and started a wonderful trip where I combined city trips with riding up beautiful mountains in Spain, France and, Italy.


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